Individual Exams - Content Information

Changes were made on 1/22/21 to the Number Sense and Calculator Policy sections of this document as a result of the virtual format for the 1/30/21 contest.

Any student is eligible to take the Number Sense exam. The Number Sense exam will follow the style of the UIL Number Sense contest, but students will have 30 minutes for the exam instead of 10 minutes (after being given 5 minutes to read instructions on how to use the online input system). All problems are to be solved mentally, no calculations are to be made with paper and pen/pencil, or a calculator. It will not be possible to change any input. So if a student intends to enter the fraction 11/13, and instead they type 11/14, they will not be able to change any digits/symbols that they have entered. (This simulates the in-person Number Sense exam where you use a pen and cannot erase anything that you write.)

The exams for Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II and PreCalculus will be based upon the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) from the TEA Website. Students can take at most one of the Algebra 1, Geometry, Algebra 2 and Precalculus Exams, and they can only take one of these exams if they are currently enrolled in the course.

The Statistics exam will be based on the guidelines for AP Statistics.
The Calculus exam will be based on the guidelines for AP Calculus AB.
The Physics exam will be based on the guidelines for AP Physics 1: Algebra-Based.
The AP guidelines for the Statistics, Calculus, and Physics exams can be found at CollegeBoard AP Central Website. Any student is eligible to take the Statistics, Calculus or Physics exams.

In the past, we have only allowed calculators on the Statistics and Calculator Exams.

However, due to this year's virtual format, we are changing our policies as follows:

Calculators are NOT PERMITTED on the Number Sense Exam!
If students are taking the Number Sense contest, it is our expectation that they will honor this expectation and complete the exam without a calculator.

Calculators are NEEDED for the following exams:
Statistics Exam
Calculator Exam

Calculators are PERMITTED - but not required - for the following subject exams:
(A calculator may save you time - but the problems can be done without a calculator.)
Algebra 1
Algebra 2
Smackdown competition

The Calculator Exam is open to all students. Each student is expected to have his/her own calculator for the exam. Any calculator can be used on the Calculator Exam.