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The 2022 Contest will take place ONLINE on January 29, 2022!
The contest is FREE!
Cash Prizes Awarded! (Amazon Gift Cards)

The Zoom Room link will be posted by 8:00am Central on January 29 on this webpage, on the main page at, and in the students' subject exam course homepages.

ONLINE REGISTRATION is open! Teachers can register HERE*

*ONE teacher per school should register. The teacher will then receive contest codes and a student registration link to pass on to their students. A parent can complete the initial registration if their child is not participating as part of a school.

Students: Ask your teacher to register first if they have not already done so. They can then give you the needed contest codes so that you can register.

TEACHERS: You can now view a list of all students who registered with your codes:
After you sign in, look for the highlighted link on your Codes page that says, "Click here to see your students."

Help Videos:
(Created in 2021. The process is the same; there are minor changes in the webpages.)
A teacher/parent registration help video can be found here.
A student registration help video can be found here.

Students can take practice quizzes to become familiar with our testing system and to practice from last year's contest exams.
This same process is used to access the contest exam on January 29.

Log in at (after registering), click on "Courses", choose a contest exam subject that you have registered for, and then click on "Online Assignments." (Watch the process at the 2 minute, 18 second mark of this video.)

If teachers want to see the practice exams and student interface, and understand the student registration process:
Teachers are welcome to sign up for a make-believe student account using the same exam codes that they give to their students. (A teacher with the name John Smith could create a student account with a name like FakeStudent Smith.) Just don't take the exams on contest day. :)

Contest Enrollment Rules
Calculator Policy
Contest Schedule

Contest Letter
The Smackdown (Exciting Elimination Round)
The Contest Point System

All contest registration, account access, and contest exams can be accessed through a single webpage, as shown below!

CASA Screenshot with Instructions

Previous Year Contest Information:

The 2021 Contest took place ONLINE on January 30.

673 students registered from 92 schools, 1035 exams were taken, and 176 students competed in The SmackDown!

2021 Contest Exams, 2021 List of Winners, 2021 Contest Result Slides

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