2024 Registration Help Page - UH Math Contest

All parents/guardians/sponsors/teachers AND students need to register for new Courseware contest accounts this year, even if you had a contest account from a past year. All contest accounts created prior to 12/25/23 have been deactivated. If you had a past contest account with us, you need to choose a different username but ARE permitted to use the same email address that you have used before.

Registration Instructions:

*ONE teacher/sponsor per school should visit the https://casa.uh.edu and click on “Parent/Guardian/Sponsor/Teacher Registration Link”*. After registering and verifying their email address, the teacher can then generate contest codes to pass on to their students. A parent/guardian can complete the initial registration if their child is not participating as part of a school.

Students: Ask your teacher to register first if they have not already done so. They can then give you the needed contest codes so that you can register.

Registration Help Videos:

The following videos were created in 2021. The overall process is the same; there are minor changes in the webpages and registration forms.

Teacher/Parent Registration Help Video.
(For a helpful registration screenshot, scroll down further on this contest webpage.)

Student Registration Help Video.
(For a helpful registration screenshot, scroll down further on this contest webpage.)

Teacher Access to the Student Interface:

If teachers want to see the practice exams and student interface, and understand the student registration process, they are welcome to sign up for a make-believe student account using the same exam codes that they give to their students. (A teacher with the name John Smith could create a student account with a name like FakeStudent Smith.) Just don't take the exams on contest day. :)

Website for Registration, Account Access, and Contest Exams:

All contest registration, account access, and contest exams can be accessed through a single webpage, https://www.casa.uh.edu as shown below!

CASA Screenshot with Instructions

Any Questions? Contact Us!

Jeff Morgan: jjmorgan@uh.edu
Jennifer Marsala: jmarsala@uh.edu

University of Houston Department of Mathematics
Contest Website: https://mathcontest.uh.edu